Call for Sessions

NACFC 2022 will take place on November 3-5 in Philadelphia.

The Call for Sessions for NACFC 2022 is now open! Please submit your session proposals and ideas here.  Deadline for submissions is December 21.

New this year, there are two submission types, Session Proposal and Topic Idea.  If you have a fully developed session proposal, complete with a suggested session title, topics, and session chairs and speakers, please submit as a Session Proposal.  If you have a topic that you would love to see covered but do not have speakers or a set of topics in mind, please submit a Topic Idea.

For both of these submission types, you will be asked to identify a primary track for your session proposal/idea.  Please select the track that best fits your proposal.  The tracks are listed below – please note that our basic science tracks have changed. For your information, we’ve included detailed descriptions below of those tracks.

Updated and New Tracks:

Airways Physiology, Pathophysiology & Therapeutic Targeting
Includes airway cell biology, airway physiology and dysfunction, mucus, mucociliary transport, lung transplant research, airway model systems, genetic modifiers of airway disease, etc.)

NEW!  Extrapulmonary Physiology & Pathophysiology
Includes GI manifestations including intestinal, biliary or exocrine pancreas cell physiology and dysfunction, exocrine pancreatic dysfunction, CF-related diabetes, CF-related liver disease, bone disease in CF, nutrition research, models of CF extrapulmonary manifestations, genetic modifiers of extrapulmonary manifestations, etc.)

Infection, Microbiology & Immunity
Includes airway microbiology, anti-infective therapies, inflammation, immunology, models of airway infection or inflammation, etc.

Path to a Cure/CFTR Biology
Includes CFTR - genetics, biogenesis, structure, function, nonsense and other rare mutations; CFTR restoration – small molecule, mRNA, gene replacement, gene repair; PTAC/CFTR models etc.

Health Equity, Care Delivery & Access to Care (formerly Utilization & Coverage)


Other Tracks:


  • Clinical – Pulmonology
  • Clinical – Transplantation
  • Clinical – GI
  • Clinical – Epidemiology
  • Clinical – Quality Improvement
  • Clinical – Genetics (new!)
  • Clinical – Clinical Trials & Outcome Measures (new!)




  Physical & Respiratory Therapy


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