The following sessions are included in the 2021 Complimentary Track:

  • P1 - Meeting the Moment: Lessons Learned for a Post-Pandemic Era
  • P2 - Working Together to Pave the Path to a Cure
  • P3 - Expanding the Horizon of Therapies for the Underlying Cause of CF
  • S01 - U&C-CLIN: Health Equity in CF Care
  • S02 - SW/PSYCH: Personal Relationships Across the Lifespan in CF
  • S05 - PT&RT-NT: ACT & Exercise in the World of Modulator Therapy: Can We Lighten The Load?
  • S08 - NRS-CLIN-SW/PSYCH: Gender Diversity in CF
  • S09 - PHARM: Highly Effective CFTR Modulators in the Post-FDA Approval World
  • S14 - NTR-CLIN: Nutritional & Gastrointestinal Impact of Highly Effective Modulators
  • S15 - SW/PSYCH-NRS: Lung Transplantation: Pre-Transplant Psychosocial Evaluation Best Practices
  • S20 - NRS-SW/PSYCH-NTR: Promoting Healthy Living in the Era of CFTR Modulators: Where Do We Begin?
  • S22 - INF/MIC: Tackling CF Infections in the Modern Era
  • S24 - NRS-CLIN-SW/PSYCH: The Spectrum of Palliative Care: Providing a Lifetime of Relief from Symptoms & Stress of CF 
  • S27 - PT&RT: Sleep Disorders in CF: Identifying, Consulting & Treatment
  • S28 - CLIN: Clinical Advancements in Modulator Therapy
  • W06 - NTR: Nutrition Research
  • W16 - PT&RT: Exercise in CF
  • W32 - U&C: Innovations & Challenges in CF Health Care Delivery
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