"Partnering: The Oldest New Idea to Improve CF Care"

October 20, 2018

Central to the management of cystic fibrosis are the relationships that people with CF and their families build with their clinical care teams. As people with CF live longer, their disease increases in complexity, making coordination and individualized care ever more dependent upon these foundational relationships. Actively partnering in health care is a learning process and although, highly regarded, realizing and maintaining full partnership can be challenging. This plenary will walk through the evolution of partnering, specifically in CF care and more broadly in the context of health care and society, further thinking by exploring the tensions impacting partnership, and highlight new strategies supported by the CF Foundation, so that all people living with CF can better balance their daily care while attaining personal goals. The plenary will end with a panel discussion between an adult living with CF, a parent, and a healthcare professional from the CF Foundation.

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Topics: Health Outcomes, Treatment, Care Model, Observational Research, Plenary
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