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General NACFC Inquiries and Comments

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
NACFC (North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference)
4550 Montgomery Ave
Suite 1100N
Bethesda, Maryland 20814

Email:  nacfc@cff.org
Phone: 301-907-2513
Fax: 301-907-2563

CF Foundation Meetings Team 

Cynthia Adams, HMCC, Senior Director of Meetings 

301-907-2546   nacfc@cff.org  Attn: Cynthia Adams

Guidelines and Policies for Programming, Presentations, Corporate/Exhibitor Relations and Opportunities, Corporate and The Exchange, and Approvals

Olesya Lamb, Sr. Manager, Meetings Education Resources

301-841-2672    nacfc@cff.org  Attn: Olesya Lamb

Registration, CME, Abstract and Poster Process, CRM, and Live-Streaming

Kristin Piasecki, Manager, Meetings Logistics

301-907-2695    nacfc@cff.org  Attn: Kristin Piasecki

Convention Center Logistics, Exhibitor and Supporter Information, and Meeting Rooms

Christie Riley, Specialist, Meetings Logistics

301-841-2674    nacfc@cff.org  Attn: Christie Riley

Housing, Affiliate Meetings, Headquarter Hotel Logistics, and Meeting Space

Brandi Barnum, Manager, Meetings Program Resources
301-907-2697    nacfc@cff.org  Attn: Brandi Barnum

Speaker Management, Website and NACFC Branding, Onsite Registration, Resource Materials, and Mobile App

Rebekah Kim, Senior Coordinator, Meetings
240-200-3763    Exhibit-Support-NACFC@cff.org  Attn: Rebekah Kim

The Exchange, Supporters, Photography, and Corporate Meetings

Shawna Gordon, Senior Coordinator, Meetings
301-907-2696    nacfc@cff.org  Attn: Shawna Gordon

CF Foundation-sponsored meetings at NACFC, and internal CF Foundation meetings

William Ballou, Project Coordinator, Program Resources
301-907-2513    nacfc@cff.org  Attn: William Ballou

General NACFC and Speaker support

Susan Nich, Administrative Specialist, Meetings
301-841-2669    nacfc@cff.org  Attn: Susan Nich

General support and business questions

Cristina Castro-Rivera, Project Coordinator, Education Resources
301-841-2673    nacfc@cff.org  Attn: Cristina Castro-Rivera

General Support for NACFC Registration, Abstracts, CME/CEU, and Livestreaming



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